Meet the team behind our new food menu
Tuesday, 01 May 2018

If you follow the comings and goings at The Ticket Office, you can’t have failed to notice that we recently launched a new food menu.

Our oysters, steak frites, crispy belly pork and sharing boards have been creating quite a stir - so we thought it was about time we introduced the talented guys in the kitchen, whose inspiration and creativity have got the town talking.



Meet Head Chef Paul Murphy and Sous Chef Reece Harrison. Paul (on the left) has previously worked at several swanky establishments including The Yorke Arms at Ramsgill. Reece is Paul’s right-hand man and has worked at a number of well-known dining venues, including The Timble Inn near Otley.

We managed to grab them both in a quiet minute and quiz them about the inspiration behind our new menu.


What’s your favourite ingredient to work with?

Paul: Turmeric, for its warm flavour and natural anti-inflammatory properties. At home I drink turmeric ‘tea’ in the morning. It’s also good on whole grain toast with a little black pepper and olive oil.

Reece: It’s got to be limes. I love how such a little amount can go such a long way. Just a dash of the juice can add a sharp, fresh flavour that really bring a dish to life. I love the combination of tequila and lime in our chargrilled chicken salad – one of the seasonal specials we serving at the moment.


What’s your favourite style of food?

Paul: Indian, for its complex flavours, simple presentation and informal dining experience.

Reece: South-east Asian cuisines such as Vietnamese and Thai. I love the dominance of fresh vegetables, herbs and spices used in most south east Asian dishes. You can create an endless variety of interesting, flavoursome dishes with this style of cooking.


What are the hot trends in food right now?

Paul: Healthy, body-conscious foods. I love them and relish the challenge of making something refreshing, healthy and interesting. The Ticket Office menu includes plenty of healthy dishes, as well as gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options.

Reece: Since I started working as a chef, I’ve seen a big shift towards healthy eating. It’s really inspired people to try foods they’re not used to eating, which is good news for me as I get to cook really varied and exciting food.


When it comes to food, what inspires you?

Paul: Seasonal produce. Seasonal ingredients feature strongly at The Ticket Office and we’ll be changing the menu regularly to reflect whatever is in season.

Reece: I love discovering new ways to combine ingredients, whether it’s to create something completely new or to take a popular favourite and make it even better. That’s inspiring.


What else inspires your cooking?

Paul: Travelling, research and eating out myself.

Reece: My inspiration can come from anywhere. I might be eating out and be inspired by another chef or I might be shopping and spot an ingredient I think will go well in a particular recipe. Seasonal ingredients also provide inspiration for what I’m cooking at any given time of the year.


Now you’re part of The Ticket Office team, what’s your ambition?

Paul: To create and serve dishes which are exciting, different, casual and social. Also, the Ticket Office is a perfect location to marry the complex flavours of top quality cocktails, wines and craft ales with the flavours of premium ingredients.

Reece: When I eat out and am trying something new, I remember that dining experience. I want to achieve the same with the menu at The Ticket Office – serving dishes which allows customers to try different cuisines and have an exciting dining experience that they will remember.